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Fatima: The Past Prepares the Future

Europe, 711 AD. The Muslim population is increasing. Islam is firmly rooted in North Africa, Tunisia and most of the Arabian Peninsula. As the religion’s sphere of influence widens, the leaders establish, by force, an Islamic State – a Caliphate. It stretches from Aleppo, Syria in the west, Turkey to the north and Iran in the east. It is ruled by the Righteous Caliph.

Barbara Case Speers: The power of love

speersFebruary is the month where we express our love to each other with cards, chocolate candy and other gifts. We also hear lots of love songs. In 1985, Huey Lewis and the News’ song, “Power of Love,” was the soundtrack for the hit movie “Back to the Future.”

Bishop Robert Barron: Why goodness depends on God

barronOne of the commonest observations made by opponents of religion is that we don’t need God in order to have a coherent and integral morality. Atheists and agnostics are extremely sensitive to the charge that the rejection of God will conduce automatically to moral chaos. Consequently, they argue that a robust sense of ethics can be grounded in the consensus of the human community over time or in the intuitions and sensibilities of decent people, etc.

Dr. Janice Ritter: Catholic Schools Week: As we reflect on our many successes, we say 'thank you!'

ritterCatholic Schools Week is a wonderful time to reflect on our Catholic schools in the Diocese of Charlotte.

Fred Berretta: Humility: The antidote to our divisive culture

berrettaOne of the many noble facets of Catholicism is that its teachings hold the answers to life’s most difficult challenges, if we only take the time to seek, understand and embrace them.

Deacon James H. Toner: Doing it my way

tonerWhat we think is the right road
Our pastor is an innovator, an improviser, a mover and a shaker. We love the way he ad-libs during Mass – and the upbeat and humorous homilies he offers. Best of all, though, are the cool innovations he adds to the Mass. In other churches, the priests stick to the script, but our pastor isn’t afraid to be stylish.


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